Marty Albrecht, MI
Always Betti, MI
Simply Elegant, SC
Antiques Etc., MI
Pam Bauer Antiques, MO
Edmonds and Company, MI
Wild Thyme Antiques, MI
Legacy Antiques, MI
The Gryphonʼs Nest, MI
Bogolins Antiques, OH
Back in Time, OH
Selma Claycomb, MI
Carol Hutchins Cole Antiques, MI
Cookies Collectibles, MI
Once Upon A Whimsy, OH
Gibson Girl Memories, OH
Sandy Crouse, OH
Douglas David Antiques, IN
Denise Davidek, MI
PB&J Antiques, MI
R.P. Antiques MI
Echo, MI
Bitter Sweet Memories, MI
Douglas Doughty, MI
Eastown Antiques, MI
Autosupply Inc., MI
Mary Ann Ehinger, MI
From My Hand To Yours, MI
Ridgefield Gallery MI
Richard Franks, MI
Painted Chair, MI

Schorr & Dobinsky, PA

Upper Maumee Valley Antiques, OH

Gulf States Property Care, MI

2 Old Models, MI
Thatcher Goetz Antiques, MI
Nostalgia Antiques, MI
Lillʼs Antiques, MI
Roger Hagen Antiques, MI
Pastimes Treasures, MI
Simpler Thyme, WI
Elkhorn Antiques, MI
Days Gone Bye Antiques, MI
Angel in the Woods, MI
Gaslight Antiques, MI
Hornʼs Odd & Ends, MI
Jon Houserman Antiques, MI
Not to Shabby, MI
Hudson House Antiques, IN
Potting Shed Antiques, MI
The Antique Shop, IL
Wintergreen Farm, SC
Paul V. Johnson, MI
Terryʼs Antiques, MI
Fern Larking Kao, OH
The Owl Antiques, MI
Vine of Time, MI
Rhubarb Reign, IN
Linda Ketterling Fine Majolica, OH
Industrial Evolution, MI
A Summer Place, OH
Ray La Forest Antiques, MI
Ice Box Antiques, MI
Vintage Phoo Phoo, NC
The Wooden Sheep, MI

France I d, MI

Lyndale Primative Antiques, MI

Elliot Elliott, MI

Attic Prowler, MI
Doug McEnroe Art & Antiques, MI
Sandy McHenry Antiques, MI
Weathering Heights Antiques, MI
Anjeia Montpas, WI
JP ʻs Antiques, MI
Antoniaʼs Sweet Memories, MI
Gardentiques, MI
Indiana Antique Exchange, IN
Tracey Patera Antiques, MI
BJʼs Antique Sports, MI
Garden Stone Art, OH
Vintage Allure, MI
Forever Antiques, MI
Rivich Antiques, IN
Robben Silversmiths & Antiques, IN
Roger Rozema Antiques, MI
The Girl Next Door Shop, MI
Yours Very Jewelry, MI
Linda Smith Antiques, MI
Smith & Morgan Antiques, MI
Strelings Antiques, MI
The Toy Guy, MI
Northern Lights Antler Art, MI
Chiefly Antiques, IL
Amish Way Antiques, MI
Timothy Walker Antiques, FL
Pine Hill Antiques, MI
Wes Williams, OH
Worden Select Objects, MI
Garyʼs Antiques, MI

Modem Vintage, MI

Real History, ON

Woodward Antiques, MI

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